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3DOF Simulator platform TMPF1-3DOF

Name:3DOF Simulator platform TMPF1-3DOF


Company:Tesla Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Limited


Product Details


1.90V-220 servo AC actuator 
2.high quality with competitive price 
3.stable performance 
4.Fast delivery 
5.Dusk proof
6.servo actuator ip54
7.Use in motion platform,games,4D entertainment facilities,game platform
8.750W folding-type motor

Platform parameters:

Size:800mm * 800mmX500mm

Weight: 110Kg

Payload: 300Kg

Longitudinal displacement: 130mm

Horizontal displacement: 120mm

Vertical lifting: 156mm

Pitch: +/- 12deg

Roll: +/- 11deg

Torsion: +/- 12 deg

Noise (dB) <65

Mean time between failures (H)> 1000

Electric cylinder parameters:

Model: TM16B

Form: reentrant

Screw diameter (mm): 16

Screw lead (mm): 5

Stroke (mm): 156

Rated output (kN): 3

Reduction ratio: 1.5

Installation: front and rear fork hinge / flange / trunnion

Rated speed (mm / sec): 167 (continuously adjustable)

Limit switch: 2, NPN type, normally open.

Internal with a magnetic ring

Servo motor and drive parameters:

Hyde 1000W-80mm motor


Rated speed 3000rpm

Working current: 4.5A

Motor rated power: 750W * 3

Torque: 3.18 N.m.

Rated speed 3000rpm

Hyde servo drives


Power supply voltage: AC 220V

Working current: 4.5A

Total system power: 2.25kW

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